Tour photos

Thank you Nicumo for an awesome tour!

Click HERE to see our photos from some of our great moments!


Studio Diary Part 1

Interview with Patrik

Patrik recently did an interview for the spanish webzine Miradalternativa about his top 10 favorite songs.
You can read the whole article HERE. Enjoy!



Hello everybody!

The new album is coming along great! All instruments are done and right now the vocals are being recorded.
We are all excited to see it come together so well! It won’t be too long now until it’s all done.
We’re also working on a video diary from the studio.  So hang in there! ;)

Also we added 2 new shows in Finland to our upcoming tour list.

Pics from the studio!

Here you go!
Some pictures from the drum recordning last weekend. All drums are done and next up is guitars in a week or so…
Click on the picture to go the gallery! Enjoy!


Entering the studio!

Tomorrow we enter the studio to begin the recording of our upcoming album.
We’ll keep you updated as we go along. And maybe we’ll post some videos and pictures if you’re nice enough! ;)
So stay tuned, this is gonna be so awesome!!!

\m/  \m/

Great News!

We are so proud to announce that Myrah signed with Art Gates Records!!!


Interview in SwedenMetal

Josefin did an interview for SwedenMetal and is “Profile of the week”. You can read the interview HERE!


Back in business!

We’ve been having some issues with the homepage, that’s why we haven’t updated in a while.  But now it’s fixed so we promise you more updates from now on! Have a nice weekend! Horns up!

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Today is a big day!

As you can see, we have a completely new homepage layout!
AND our new EP ‘Ge Mig Liv’ is finally released today! You can listen to all our songs in the playlist to the right on the page. Enjoy!