Work hard, have fun and create music forged straight from the heart, that’s what Myrah’s all about.
The journey began in 2005 in the cold mountains of Sweden, and since then Myrah has released four EP’s and three full-length albums;” Six Feet Down” (2010), “My Deliverance” (2012) and “Until The End Of Time” (2015) all recieving great reviews worldwide.

Myrah embellishes their rock/metal music with a gothic feeling, great melodies and emotions that engage the mind and linger there for a long time.

Through the years Myrah has played at many great festivals and shows all over Europe, performing with bands like Tristania, Isole, Mustasch, Dead by April, Dark Fortress and many more. With new songs and renewed energy, Myrah is here to make 2016 a very memorable year!

But the story doesn’t end here…
Be sure to be a part of it as it gets bigger and bigger!

Patrik Essman – Vocals & Guitar

Micael Svan – Lead Guitar

Josefin Berg – Synth

Joakim Granvold – Drums