Josefin Berg

sixfeetdownJosefin Berg // Synth

An Ă–stersund native, Josefin has always been the creative one in her family. She began drawing and painting at the young age of 2. Some years later she discovered music, and started to try a variety of instruments such as flute, violin, guitar, bass and drums. It was at the age of 12 she got her first piano and that has been her favorite ever since. Josefin’s first big performance was at her aunts wedding at the age of 14.
Her dream was always to be a part of a band. Sitting there alone by the piano, she felt like something was missing. Despite several years of piano lessons, she found the structured teaching style restrictive, and could never seem to do what the teacher wanted. Instead of practising her homework, Josefin would put on a record and start playing along with the song, finding strength in her intuitive ability with the instrument. In spring 2005 she got invited to audition for Myrah and has been a permanent member of the band since that day.

Bands //Amorphis, Dimmu Borgir, Before The Dawn, Abigail Williams, Live
Film Score Composers // Hanz Zimmer, Danny Elfman, James Horner.
Synth: Korg Triton 76 keys