My Deliverance 2012

1. Intro
2. Illusions
3. Sorrow & Tears
4. The Light Of a New Day
5. My Deliverance
6. A New Dawn
7. As Memories Fade Away
8. Desolation
9. An Angels Requiem
10. The Shadow

Patrik Essman – Guitar & Vocals
Tobias Lepistö – Leadguitar & Acoustic Guitar
Micael Svan – Bass, Growl & Backing Vocals
Natalie Duarte– Drums
Josefin Berg – Synth & Piano

Michael Nilsson – Drums on track “As Memories Fade Away”, “A New Dawn”, “Desolation”, “An Angels Requiem”, “The Shadow”, “Sorrow & Tears”
Pierre “Ranjeet” Andersson – Backing vocals on “Desolation” and “The Sadow” and acoustic guitar on “An Angels Requiem”
Freija Henriksson Ahlström – Voice on “A New Dawn”
Marcus Edvardsson – Voice on “As Memories Fade Away”

Recorded, mixed & produced by Marcus Edvardsson at Empire Studios.

Photo by Christoffer Jämtner
Artwork by Pierre-Alain D

Released 2012